Short Films

Short Films: In this age of multi media distribution of content and communication, the time has arrived for doing advertorials and short films to reach out to audiences quickly and cost effectively. Many corporates have seen the opportunity and have used both online and television media successfully to create films which both: tell a story and have an emotional connect with the audiences they are targeted and even those who till then were not within the ambit of that brand or product, thereby widening the awareness about the brand or the product.

Unlike ad films, short films have the flexibility of time to tell each story in a duration that serves it best.

They also give flexibility in tailoring different aspects of a brand or a product in ways that connects the audience not just with the features but with the values and emotions that the product or brand embodies.

This is one format that is being used not just for corporate promotions and branding but also to supplement corporate presentations by putting out information about the company in more entertaining ways. Short films are one of the most powerful ways of cutting communication clutter, keeping information within manageable time limits that will entertain the audiences, even in the most formal of meetings and not bore them and have a high possibility to capture the head space of those watching it.

It is possibly the best tool even for professionals to communicate their skills through online media to reach out to audiences worldwide.

A company that shows itself as being innovative in its communication has a very large possibility of communicating its basic ability to think out of the box to all its constituents: the buyers, the investors, the employees and the shareholders.

Many of these stories(and the opportunities to create them) lie buried within the hearts of organisations, many times unknown even to them because in the course of everyday business, the focus often stays on the immediate needs and the obvious and minimum communication that has to be put out.

We specialise in identifying the core strengths of a company and what it needs to communicate to reach its relevant audience, weaving it into a short film that captures the spirit and essence of the communication along with hard facts.

From concept generation to writing the script, choosing the team for execution for shooting and editing, managing the whole production to the delivery of the final film, at Matinee Classic Production we take care of everything. Each film is directed and supervised by the highest quality of professionals with one on one interaction with the client at all stages