Promotional videos

Promotional videos: At Matinee Classic, we have film makers and corporate professionals who understand branding and marketing as well as they understand film production and combine the two skills in giving a promotional video a reality that matches the client requirement.

Just as there are various elements that go into positioning a brand, there are an equal number of elements in making a promotional film to communicate each of those elements. Coming from strong corporate and media backgrounds, we understand product and positioning from both sides of the table to be able to translate a brief effectively and powerfully into a communication tool that both protects a brands image and essence and enhances it.

Making a promotional video is not just about shooting a product in an attractive way. That is the very least requirement.

How crisply and entertainingly the message is put across and the values added in post production can take the product and the brand to another level.

We pride ourselves on being possibly the best in creating concepts with the best inhouse writing skills and the best in using technology to give an extra edge to a film in post production that not just highlights the product but creates a film that any audience would like to see more than once for its sheer attractiveness and emotional connect.

Every brand has a passion behind it, it has a set of values and attributes and finally it has a set of promised deliverables to a consumer.

Therefore a good promotional video needs to communicate all these things without being ‘in the face’. In other words, a promotional video needs to do the job of promoting a brand or a product while keeping the audience engaged emotionally. No matter what the communication, we have a strong belief in addressing to the little child in everyone who wants to hear a nice story. Finally, that is where each of us gets hooked: when we are hearing a story that engrosses us.

We have made films for companies that make cleaning chemicals and yet made them into films that have been well received even at investor meets because they tell the story in a way that it has not been told before.

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