Documentary Films

Documentary Films: We tell the best human interest stories whether for corporate bio pics, wedding films or on social issues. Our biggest strength is our passion for what we do. Starting from the title of a film to its last frame, we believe in every element of what we put into a film. It is the philosophy of Matinee Classic that every shot, every piece of music and every editing cut must have a reason to be.

We recently did a film for a real estate company: DLF.

The one reason why that documentary film got made and was eventually extremely well received even by the residents was because it captured the value created by the real estate developer in a very real way.

It started with the title: A Home In DLF: A Resident’s Story. The idea of the documentary was to trace the journey of one resident who moved from Delhi to Gurgaon because DLF started making affordable housing in Gurgaon in the 90’s.

The documentary brought to the fore many values added by the developer in a story that spanned over two decades in just 18 minutes.

Another documentary we did (available on You tube) was Gurukul: A Story Of Hope.

It was made for an NGO to capture the work done by a few residents to start a school in a park for some children of migrant labourers which has now grown into a full fledged school. The film captures the journey showing each hurdle and obstacle on the way and how they overcame it for over ten years to keep the education going for these children who are now going to a regular school.

The film has helped them reach out to many people for contributions and support and the school has now moved from the park to a proper building. The film also captures the logistics and the methodology they followed for the model to be replicated elsewhere.

This is a 28 minute documentary which got over 2000 views on youtube within days of being uploaded without any publicity or hype purely on its merit.

We receive this response to our work because we write the story that is held in the hearts of those who have created something of value but don’t have the skill or the time to tell it the way it deserves to be told.

Let us at Matinee Classic do that for you.

We pride ourselves at being good story tellers and chroniclers of the value that you are creating. It deserves a voice befitting the story. Let us be your voice.