Custom Writing Blog Services

Custom Writing Blog Services: Today, your website is your front office.

The first impression anyone forms about you or your company is based on that ‘link’ you send to your customer/investor/ friend. Like in the past it used to be the real ‘front office’ that had to represent your organisation the moment anyone stepped into it, today, the ‘link’ sent out serves the same purpose. Many people don’t take it seriously enough and don’t know how much business is lost because of the impression you did not make when someone opened your website.

What people see when they open a website is a function of two things: the design and the content. Design includes navigation through the website, the colours and how the content is displayed.

Content is the text, the videos and the pictures: how well it is written, does it communicate what it needs to precisely, how much is the depth of the content in your website, are the videos relevant and well made, the quality of the pictures and so on.

Once this is done, then starts the real work: keeping content updated, relevant and interesting.

Today it is understood by all that the online media is a critical tool in reaching out to your customers, current and potential, for promoting your organisation and your products and getting new business.

Almost everyone (corporates and professionals) have their own websites. To reach out to the relevant audience, besides having a website, you also need regular and ongoing, high quality content uploaded on your website. This is where blog writing plays a large role.

Many websites start to lose sheen because they don’t get updates frequently. Or the content uploaded is not of the quality that is needed in terms of either the writing skill or the subject matter it contains: often both!

We at Matinee Classic, offer a service that not only gives you a high quality website but we also make sure you are never short of content.

We have in- house writing service which will keep the material going for your website on a regular basis which will be relevant and easy to read for your customers. This will make the SEO activity targeted at getting new business highly rewarding.

To stay competitive in this online world, relevant and well written content and if possible, a few well made videos are essential to stay in the space for it to give the results that it has the potential to give.

Even existing customers, after sharing their experience with friends, will send a link of the website to their friends.

Being a new medium of publicity, understanding the parameters that will take you to the top of the rankings in your category is very essential. No matter who handles your SEO function (hopefully someone does if you are looking at generating business leads from the domestic and international markets), they will tell you that your work is to give them content on a regular basis. Finally what will get your website the visibility and your business the results is how much and how regularly you update the content on your website.

Matinee Classic Productions takes on writing work for clients to manage their corporate and online communication on a case to case basis. We work out design and write content for various corporate communication tools including websites, brochures, news letters, booklets and help clients maintain consistency of communication across all their communication tools.