Corporate Films

Corporate Films: What is the image that comes to mind when we say ‘a corporate film’? Is it something which ‘has to be done’ or ‘should be something slick and good looking showcasing us and our products’ or is it ‘something dull and a waste of time and money’?

Is it hurriedly made because ‘we need to have a film’ or ‘upgrade the earlier one’? Or is it because ‘our competition also has one’? Or is it because ‘our website needs to be upgraded’ or that ‘we have international investors coming’?

It is worthwhile to stop and think this WHY? Or even the WHY NOT?

Let us first look at some reasons why a corporate film is needed? What does it do? And in todays times, can it afford to be what it used to be?

A corporate film, when made well, with the intent and purpose clear, can do each of the following:

  • Communicating the reason, vision and mission of an organisation: where it came from, where it is today and where is it going.
  • It gives a clearly illustrated communication to all the stakeholders in a company including the owners, employees, shareholders and potential investors about the journey that it has made, the challenges it has overcome and where it is poised in the present.
  • It brings to the fore values, ideas and very importantly, the strengths of the organisation.
  • It is the most remarkable opportunity, to know the hearts and minds of many people working within the organisation and giving them an opportunity to speak and become a part of the organisations journey. It is a high employee motivator.
  • Breaking from traditional formats of corporate films, now organisations are exploring doing fun films centred around the organisation and its employees to create opportunities for the employees to showcase their talents.

In this day and age, where there is intense competition for capturing attention of people across media, corporate films have to stand out in the crowd. We believe that each company that has fought its way in this crowded marketplace, has a story to tell that can reach out and touch people’s hearts besides giving the required information to the relevant audience.

We have made films for large organizations, for SME’s and NGO’s that have been widely appreciated for being entertaining and engaging besides their strong content, scripting, delivery of the message and the production quality we bring to them.