Seven important things that impact production quality and budgets for corporate films

It is extremely important to know the areas which impact the final cost and quality of a corporate film. This helps the producer and the client to come to a realistic and reasonable budget for delivering a good quality product. The choice of crew, director, writer are a given. Here, we will discuss the brick and mortar decisions and choices that have to be made to arrive at the final costs. (more…)

Big Budgets for Documentary Films and TV series

Looking at the extravagance of shows on channels like HBO, BBC and now even Netflix, it is easy to wonder what it must cost to make these shows?

Before we discuss specific budgets, take a look at the elements that go into making a television or documentary series for the small screen: Documentary films and series can be of different genres like wildlife, environment, social causes, historical dramas and so on. TV series are also of different genres like comedies, crime, action, horror etc.


Film Making: The Nemesis

Also called the villain or the antagonist, nemesis is the arch enemy of the protagonist.

We are familiar with the character as there is no story unless there is someone to stop the hero of a film from reaching their goal. Sometimes, the antagonist or the villain IS the goal.

In the popular Bollywood film Sholay, capturing Gabbar Singh the dacoit, is the goal.


Film Making: Willing Suspension of Disbelief

When writing a script, what liberties a writer can take depends on the genre in which he or she is writing.When writing a script, what liberties a writer can take depends on the genre in which he or she is writing.

Genre refers to the larger category in which a film falls like: romance, romantic comedy (Rom Com), Science fiction, fantasy, adventure, crime and so on.


Film making: Story vs Plot

What is a story?
What is a plot?

A story is a straight line narration of what happens from the beginning to the end. If you have ever watched a film in a foreign language at a function or a play or even a ballet, often the leaflet gives an outline of the story. It tells you what happens to whom with what result so you can follow the ‘story’.


Film making: The protagonist, defining the Hero’s journey

The key to having a good story is having a solid, well defined central character also called the ‘protagonist’ or the ‘hero’ of the film. Many films fall flat inspite of technical excellence and big names because what is missing in the film is a clear and well defined character whose journey from start to finish both makes sense to the audience and engages them in his or her ups and downs. (more…)

Film making: Writing the opening

One of the most if not THE most famous opening lines ever written till date is ‘Once upon a time, in a faraway land’.

What does this line have that has worked magic over decades?

1. It has a complete fantasy element to it

2. It sets an atmosphere that is concrete yet out of reach. It tells a story of a time long gone by, in a land not accessible to us because it neither specifies it nor gives it a name.

3. It thereby, leaves a lot to imagination so each person can see the castles that exist far and beyond in their own heads with kings and queens, princes and princesses, knights and dwarves drawn out as they wish.